Organizing Committee

Tsinghua University: Profs. Yu Xia, Zheng Ouyang, Xiaoxiao Ma, Xiaoyu Zhou, Wenpeng Zhang
Shenzhen Medical Academy of Research and Translation (SMART): Prof. Nieng Yan (Director)
Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen: Dr. Renchen Liu (Associate Director)
Shenzhen Baoan Authentic TCM Therapy Hospital: Prof. Qinhua Chen

Yan Lv

Tel: +86-10-62796595


Yu Xia, Xiaoxiao Ma, Wenpeng Zhang, Suming Chen, Zhengjiang Zhu, Shuhai Lin

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Invitation letter

If an invitation letter is required for Chinese visa application, please click HERE to download and fill the form after registration, then send it to through the registration email.
Please use “Request – Invitation Letter for Visa Application – [Your name]” as the email subject.