CLIG meeting

CLIG get-together (or Onboarding session)

August 29th, 2023, 12:45 – 13:45 (CEST)

Anne Bendt, Olya Vvedenskaya

Deadline for Workshop Registration:
No registration


The main goal of the Clinical Lipidomics Interest Group is to facilitate the translation of lipidomic research from academia to clinical laboratories for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. 
During this onboarding session, the group members will present the main achievements of the Clinical Lipidomics Interest Group, such as main publications and opinion articles published by the group’s members, former and current ring trials, and future projects.
The session is specifically designed to inform potential and new CLIG members about the work that has been done thus far and to foster productive discussions among group members.

Learning goals:
Participants will learn about the Clinical Lipidomics Interest Group, its mission, and aims. The meeting will start with an overview of the main achievements of CLIG, followed by current projects and finalized with the plans. Finally, the meeting will have a time slot for feedback exchange and networking.

Interest in clinical lipidomics.

Lipidomics, Clinical Lipidomics, Clinics, Translational Medicine

No registration needed. The number of participants is limited to the room capacity.

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