Do’s and Don’ts during the Preanalytical Stage and Extraction of a Lipidomics Workflow


Dr. rer. physiol. Marcus Höring obtained his Ph.D. at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine at the University Hospital of Regensburg in the lipidomics workgroup ( in 2019. Now he is working as a scientist in the same department. His work comprised the development of a flow injection analysis Fourier-Transform mass spectrometry (FIA-FTMS) method to analyze and quantify lipid species profiles of biological samples in high throughput. Samples of interest include among others body fluids, cells as well as tissue homogenates, mainly of mammalian origin. One of his current projects involves the detailed investigation of preanalytic conditions to understand how to collect and treat samples best for subsequent lipidomics experiments.
Marcus Höring
University Hospital of Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany