Session 2 – Lipidome Dynamics


Lipidome dynamics at the crossroad between survival and cell death

Maria Fedorova studied Biochemistry at Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia and obtained her PhD at Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy, Leipzig University, Germany. She worked as a group leader at the Institute of Bioanalytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy, at the University of Leipzig. In August 2021 Maria group moved to the Center for Membrane Biochemistry and Lipid Research, TU Dresden.

Her research is focused on development and implementation of lipidomics and bioinformatics solutions to address complexity and plasticity of lipid metabolism in variety of biological systems. In particular, Maria aims for a deeper understanding of pathophysiology of metabolic and inflammatory disorders, including obesity, insulin resistance, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.
Maria Fedorova
University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine, TU Dresden, Germany