Session 5 – Structural Lipidomics


Integrating Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography, Trapped Ion Mobility, and Isomer Resolving MS/MS Enables Fast and In-Depth Lipidomic Profiling

Dr. Yu Xia earned her B.S. (1999) in Chemistry from Lanzhou University, China, M.S. (2002) from Shanghai Institute of Material Medical, CASs, China, and Ph.D. (2006) under the supervision of Professor Scott A. McLuckey from Purdue University, USA. After postdoctoral training with Professor Graham R. Cooks at Purdue, Dr. Xia took positions as Assistant and Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, Purdue University (2009-2017). She is currently a Professor at the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Dr. Xia utilizes radical chemistry as a unique approach to achieve enhanced bioanalysis via mass spectrometry. In particular, her recent research emphasizes on developing lipidomic tools capable of resolving structural isomers. Her work has resulted in over 90 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. Dr. Xia received ASMS Research Award (2013) and served as the Secretary of ASMS (2015-2017). She currently serves on the editorial board of the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry and International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, respectively.